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5 Common Commercial Roofing Problems

Commercials roofs have different properties than regular residential roofs that are built out of convenience and to lower maintenance costs. The low-pitch of the roof, the strong roof coatings and the use of special materials are all key elements. Still, they can suffer from these five problems. As commercial general contractors, we show you what can go wrong with your property’s roofing.

5 Common Commercial Roofing Problems

1. Blown-off Roofing

The flat or low-sloped roof of commercial properties helps it fight against wind damage. Still, better resistance doesn’t make it an exception to the rule. If your property has single ply roofing, or if it hasn’t finished installing, the wind can pull off the shingles.

2. Broken Flashing

Flashings are metal sheets designed by both residential and industrial construction services to fight moisture. If they are loose, poorly installed, or damaged, your roof could be a victim of leaks. Have proper inspections to make sure they are secure and bring some caulk to cover up any cracks.

3. Standing Water

Poor design and drainage can lead to ponding or standing water. Any case of this can lead to serious leak damage, rot and penetrations in your roof. Always make sure your roof is prepared to drain properly. You might also use tapered roof insulation to help it drain the water.

4. Lack of Maintenance

Many roof system services offer high quality maintenance, for good reason. Even a low-maintenance roof still needs to be checked. With regular inspection and cleaning, you can remove the risk of structural damage from occurring.

5. Poor Installation

Sometimes the problem starts from the beginning. Poor workmanship and installation means your roof won’t work effectively. It can result in horrible drainage, flawed pitches and even premature failure.

The best fix for any commercial roof properties is a reliable contractor. As trusted contractors in San Jose, CA, we can help you out with any concerns or estimates. Call our team at (925) 297-5788 or contact us here to start right away.

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