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A strong roof is essential to any building. It provides safety and protection from the elements. Even in the perennially sunny climate of Livermore, that kind of security is still important. Allied Construction Services (ACS) has been providing quality commercial roofing types in Livermore,  California for over 20 years because we understand how important it is to have a strong roof over your head.

Livermore is one of California’s oldest wine regions, established in 1840 by Robert Livermore, who planted some of the first commercial vines. To this day, the beautiful scenery and ideal weather draw visitors, residents and businesses to this area.

The city of Livermore has become home to several industries, from vineyards to scientific research facilities including two United States Department of Energy Laboratories. One of these is the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which has staked its own unique claim on the scientific world by having the chemical element livermorium named for it. The unique blend of past and present makes Livermore a tremendous draw for visitors, residents and businesses alike, leading to a wide range of commercial properties within the city.

While the weather in Livermore is usually pretty temperate, even the sun can have a detrimental effect without proper protection and that means having the best possible quality roof for your commercial building. The expert roofing contractors in Livermore at ACS can help to build, maintain and repair your building’s roof with the best commercial roofing types in Livermore so that you can rest easier knowing your employees, customers and inventory are all being kept safe.

Why Choose ACS for Commercial Roofing in California?

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You have too much invested in your commercial property to take chances. When it comes to ensuring the safety of your roof, Allied Construction Services is the name in Livermore roofing contractors you can trust. We understand how important your business is which is why we use only the best quality materials and commercial roofing types in Livermore, guaranteed to be cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Our materials and commercial roofing types in Livermore also carry some of the best warranties, so you know they are sure to last. We’re about more than building strong roofs, though; we also build strong relationships with an emphasis on hard work, honesty and integrity. Our ability to keep expenses down while maintaining a solid safety record allows us to perform work for 10-20% less than most competitors, making us affordable as well as dependable for commercial roofing in California.

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Installation or Replacement of Single Ply Roofing Systems

At Allied Constructions Services, our roofing contractors in Livermore use only the most advanced roofing systems and commercial roofing types in Livermore on the market today, TPO or PVC, to construct top-quality single-ply roofing. These materials are built to last no matter what the environment, something that businesses in Livermore can certainly appreciate. They also have almost no odor, which makes them the ideal choice for sensitive environments such as schools and nursing homes, and are extremely cost-effective, meaning you can get a brand-new roof at a third of the cost.

ACS\ Livermore roofing contractors always put the customer first, guaranteeing quick turnaround times and minimal disruptions to your business. We will provide a competitive estimate for any size commercial roofing job and recommend appropriate materials to suit your specific needs.
We use materials and commercial roofing types in Livermore from trusted names like Firestone, Carlisle, FiberTite and Tremco so that you know you’re getting only the best. It’s that kind of emphasis on customer service that makes us the best source for commercial roofing in California.

Even if you don’t need a full roof replacement we can still offer an ideal solution to help reduce maintenance costs while mitigating environmental issues. With the environment in mind, ACS roofing contractors in Livermore can install either acrylic or silicone roof coatings by GE Silicone, Astec or AlphaGuard Bio Liquid by Tremco.

Roof Maintenance and Waterproofing

While it is certainly important to have a reliable option for installing, replacing or coating your roof, you can actually avoid most serious issues while keeping your expenses down by simply performing regular maintenance and selecting the right commercial roofing types in Livermore.  Not only can regular inspections and repairs help to mitigate weather damage and let you stay ahead of maintenance issues, but they can also cut costs by ensuring that you’re meeting your warranty requirements.

Our expert roofing contractors in Livermore are prepared to perform regular inspections to identify issues before they get worse. We’ll look for common problems including missing shingles, drainage issues, punctures or tears and pooling water that can all become very expensive if they aren’t caught early enough. By staying on top of issues like these and selecting the right commercial roofing types in Livermore you can keep your overhead low and avoid potentially costly complications.

Of course nothing causes more problems for any commercial property than leaks and water damage. At ACS we can provide commercial waterproofing services that treat all types of external surfaces, including roofs, parking decks and balconies. Our roofing contractors in Livermore offer masonry wall sealers, joint caulking, anti-graffiti sealers, below-grade waterproofing and other options designed to protect against leaking and avoid the costs of extensive water damage.

Call Us When You Need an Experienced Livermore Roofing Contractor

For quality commercial roofing in California, inspection and repairs, and selecting the right commercial roofing types in Livermore, Allied Construction Services is the first name you should think of in the Livermore area. We provide the customer service you expect at a price you can afford, while using only the best materials. With quick and convenient service that always keeps your needs in mind, it’s easy to see why ACS doesn’t stop with building solid roofs…we also build strong relationships.

Gotta roof problem? Don’t stress. Call ACS at (925) 724-2324 and ask for your free quote.

ACS Roofing Jobs in Livermore

Red TPO roof over winery with vineyard and subdivision in background.

This is red TPO roof over a winery in Livermore, CA.

commercial roof in Livermore CA. Building with cars out front.

This is a commercial roof project in Livermore, CA.

warehouse roof job in Livermore

This is a warehouse roof project in Livermore, CA.