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Commercial roof construction in Menlo Park CAThe city of Menlo Park sits along the shores of San Francisco Bay, with some of the most scenic landscape in the state. It was named by two Irish immigrants, who erected a gate on their property reading “Menlo Park” as a tribute to their hometown Menlough in Co. Galway. In 2015 the Menlo Park Historical Association began a project to reconstruct the original gate and the replica was completed in 2019, quickly becoming one of the prominent landmarks here.

Of course, there is plenty to love about this city and it proudly heralds its status as one of the most educated cities in California. It borders Stanford and in fact a large tract of land in Menlo Park was purchased by the University after WWII and developed as student housing. Today, many technology based companies call Menlo Park home, including Facebook, SRI International and Pacific Biosciences.

With so many businesses and other properties located here, there has been a continual need for quality commercial roofing in Menlo Park. Allied Construction Services (ACS) has been stepping up to fill that need for over 20 years.

Why Choose ACS?

Screened HomeAdvisor Pro - Allied Construction ServicesWe’re a local business ourselves, so Allied Construction Services understands how the weather can have an impact on your property. As the premier Menlo Park commercial roofer  we take a serious approach to protecting your business. We use materials that are guaranteed to be both cost effective and environmentally friendly and that carry some of the best warranties on the market today.

We don’t stop there, though. We strive for the best possible customer service with hard work, honesty and integrity and we have a proven safety record that allows us to perform work for 10-20% less than most competitors.

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Installation or Replacement of Single Ply Roofing Systems

ACS has built a strong reputation as a source for quality commercial roofing in Menlo Park. We use either TPO or PVC, two of the most advanced single ply roofing systems  for all of our jobs. These materials are designed to withstand the elements, are extremely cost effective and have little to no odor, making them a great choice for sensitive environments such as schools and nursing homes.

When you give us a call you’ll notice our unique approach to customer service right away. Our experts are ready to provide an estimate and will recommend specific materials from Firestone, Carlisle, FiberTite and Tremco, some of the most familiar names in commercial roofing. Once we’re onsite we’ll provide the best quality service with quick turnaround times and minimal disruption so that our work won’t take away from your business.

Of course a full roof replacement may not always be necessary and we’re ready to help there too, providing cost effective acrylic or silicone roof coatings by GE Silicone, Astec or AlphaGuard Bio Liquid by Tremco. Each of these quality products can save you money and cut down on maintenance needs, which may help you avoid the expense of a full replacement down the road. At the same time, they can even help mitigate environmental issues, making them the first choice for any expert Menlo Park commercial roofer.

Roof Maintenance and Waterproofing

As effective as roof coating can be, regular maintenance checks can help you to avoid the cost of replacing or repairing your roof entirely. It’s really the only way to stay ahead of any issues and ensure that your roof is completely protected from the elements. It can also save you money by enabling you to meet all of your warranty requirements.

ACS is prepared to perform regular inspections of any commercial roofing in Menlo Park so that we can identify issues before they can get any worse. We’ll check for missing shingles, drainage issues, punctures or tears, pooling water and many other common problems that can threaten your warranty and do everything we can to keep your roof in the best possible shape.

When it comes to regular roof maintenance services nothing is more important than identifying leaks and avoiding water damage. ACS is well aware of this, which is why we provide commercial waterproofing services such as masonry wall sealers, joint caulking, anti-graffiti sealers and below-grade waterproofing that are guaranteed to stop leaks. We won’t stop with the roof though; we’ll also check parking decks, balconies and walls, and apply our waterproof coatings and sealants so that you can breathe easier knowing your whole property is safe and secure.

Call Us When You Need an Experienced Menlo Commercial Roofer

Allied Construction Services is the name you can trust for all of your commercial roofing needs in the Menlo Park area. We have expert technicians ready to provide an affordable estimate and recommend the right materials to use for your job.
We have everything you need from installation to coating to regular maintenance checks and we guarantee a quick turnaround with minimal disruption to your business. At ACS we’re not just focused on building strong roofs…we also want to build strong relationships.

Gotta roof problem? Don’t stress. Call ACS at (925) 724-2324 and ask for your free quote.

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