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Commercial Roofing in Santa Rosa

There’s more to any building than just four walls. A roof provides protection from the elements, something that is particularly important in Santa Rosa, where the weather can vary from warm and sunny to foggy and damp. At Allied Construction Services (ACS), we understand how important it is to have a strong roof over your head. That’s why we’ve been working in Santa Rosa for over 20 years, providing the best quality roofs for a wide variety of commercial buildings. 

At the northwestern gateway of California’s Sonoma and Napa Valleys, Santa Rosa boasts several beautiful vineyards among its many natural features. Standing in contrast to the rolling hills of wine country are the majestic trees in Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve. There is more to the area than just the wonders of nature, though. Santa Rosa has a bustling tourist industry, centered in the Downtown area with its numerous shops, restaurants and other attractions. Nearby is Railroad Square, the historic district that boasts many of the original homes of Santa Rosa that miraculously managed to survive the 1906 earthquake.

With so much to offer it’s no wonder that so many businesses call Santa Rosa home and all of those commercial buildings need to be covered with the best quality roof. That’s where the experts at ACS come in. We can provide quality building, maintenance and repair to ensure that your roof lasts a lifetime.

Why Choose ACS?

Screened HomeAdvisor Pro - Allied Construction ServicesAt Allied Construction Services we use only the best quality materials that are guaranteed to be cost effective and environmentally friendly and that carry some of the best warranties so that you can breathe easier. We’re about more than just the materials, though. We pride ourselves in building relationships with our customers through hard work, honesty and integrity. We also understand the importance of keeping expenses down and our safety record allows us to perform work for 10-20% less than most competitors. That’s what makes us a Santa Rosa commercial roofer that you can count on.

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Installation or Replacement of Single Ply Roofing Systems

Our roofing experts understand the importance of quality roofing, which is why we offer top quality single ply roofing using either TPO or PVC, the most advanced roofing systems on the market today. These materials are built to withstand the elements and their low odor makes them the ideal choice for sensitive environments such as schools and nursing homes. They are also extremely cost effective, which means you can get a new roof at a third of the cost.

For any commercial roofing in Santa Rosa, our experts are ready to provide an estimate for your job and to recommend specific materials to suit your needs. Relying on trusted names like Firestone, Carlisle, FiberTite and Tremco, we’re able to offer roofing solutions that you can count on and we follow through on that quality with quick turnaround times and minimal disruptions. With customer service like that, you can rest easy knowing that we’re looking out for your business. 

Even if a full roof replacement isn’t necessary, we can still offer an ideal solution that cuts down on maintenance and helps mitigate environmental issues with roof coating.  As an experienced Santa Rosa commercial roofer, ACS is prepared to install either acrylic or silicone roof coatings by GE Silicone, Astec or AlphaGuard Bio Liquid by Tremco.

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Roof Maintenance and Waterproofing

As important as installing, replacing or coating your roof is, you can actually help to avoid most roofing issues with regular maintenance. Not only can regular inspections and repairs help to mitigate the damage caused by Santa Rosa’s changeable weather, it can also help to ensure that you’re meeting your warranty requirements, which can save you money down the road. 

The experts at ACS can perform regular inspections to help identify issues before they get worse and threaten your warranty. We’re trained to spot common problems including missing shingles, drainage issues, punctures or tears and pooling water that can damage commercial properties.

Avoiding water damage caused by leaks is a huge part of regular maintenance, which is why ACS offers commercial waterproofing services to help treat all types of external surfaces, including roofs, parking decks and balconies. We employ masonry wall sealers, joint caulking, anti-graffiti sealers, below-grade waterproofing and other solutions to help protect your property from potential water damage. All of our waterproof coatings and sealants are designed to provide a strong, secure surface that will stand up to the elements and guard against leaks. 

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Call Us When You Need an Experienced Santa Rosa Commercial Roofer

No matter what your roofing needs, Allied Construction Services is ready to provide the quality service you expect. From installing a new roof to replacement or repair of an existing roof, ACS is the name you can trust in the Santa Rosa area. Just give us a call today for expert roofing solutions at a price you can afford. The confidence of our customers is important to us, which is why we use only the best quality materials and provide quick, convenient service. At ACS, we don’t just build roofs, we build relationships.

ACS Roofing Jobs in Santa Rosa

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drone shot of solar paneled roof covered and white Astec Acrylic Coating on Kohl's in Santa Rosa surrounded by grey parking lot and green trees

This 55,000 sq ft Astec acrylic coating job was over an existing TPO single ply roof for Kohl’s retail store in Santa Rosa, California.


drone shot of white Astec Acrylic roof coating on large roof covered with solar panels parking lot on right and left side of buildingThis 65,000 sq ft acrylic roof coating was over an existing TPO single ply roof for Kohl’s retail store in Petaluma, California.