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Commercial Roofing in Stockton

Stockton, situated in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley, earned the nickname “the All-American City” with good reason.  Its rich history is reflected in the many sites recognized on the Historical Register, including the Hotel Stockton, a beautiful Mission Revival style building that has been in continuous operation since 1910. The seaport, built during the California Gold Rush in the 1840’s, serves as a gateway to the Central Valley and beyond.  This charming city is also known for its thriving arts scene, which includes the Stockton Symphony and the historic Bob Hope Theatre. The Stockton Arena has housed both musical performers like Gwen Stefani and Ozzy Osbourne as well as several sport teams.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to Stockton each year. The growing population and tourist trade make it an ideal location for many commercial properties. All of those buildings are regularly subjected to the often harsh summer heat, which can reach temperatures well over 100 degrees. That kind of heat can wreak havoc on any roof and that’s why Allied Construction Services (ACS) has been providing quality roofing solutions in the Stockton area for over 20 years.

Why Choose ACS?

Screened HomeAdvisor Pro - Allied Construction ServicesAt Allied Construction Services, we understand the unique issues the weather here can cause, which is why we are your top choice for commercial roofing in Stockton.  To ensure that your business is properly protected, we use materials that are guaranteed to be both cost effective and environmentally friendly with some of the best warranties on today’s market. We’re about more than just materials, though. We put our focus on building relationships, which means providing the best possible customer service with hard work, honesty and integrity and a safety record that allows us to perform work for less than most competitors.

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Installation or Replacement of Single Ply Roofing Systems

drone shot of grey GE Silicone roof on stockton office building surrounded by trees, cars and parking lots

ACS has built a strong reputation as a Stockton commercial roofer with expert knowledge and by using only the best available roofing solutions. For all of our jobs, we use either TPO or PVC, two of the most advanced single ply roofing systems. These top quality materials are ideal for commercial roofing as they are built to withstand the elements and are extremely cost effective, allowing you to get a new roof at a third of the cost. They are also very environmentally friendly, with little odor, which makes them a particularly good choice for sensitive environments such as schools and nursing homes.

When you call our office, our experts will be ready to provide an estimate and recommend specific materials to use from some of the most trusted names in roofing including Firestone, Carlisle, FiberTite and Tremco. With ACS you’re guaranteed to get the best quality service with quick turnaround times and minimal disruption because we understand how important your business is to you.  

If a full roof replacement isn’t necessary, roof coating can offer a budget friendly alternative. At ACS we can install either acrylic or silicone roof coatings by GE Silicone, Astec or AlphaGuard Bio Liquid by Tremco. Not only can quality roof coating save you money, it can also cut down on maintenance needs and help mitigate environmental issues, which may help you avoid the expense of a full replacement.

Roof Maintenance and Waterproofing

Of course the best way to avoid the cost of replacing or repairing your roof is by performing regular maintenance. This can help you stay ahead of issues and protect your roof from the extreme heat in the Stockton area. Regular maintenance inspections can also help you to meet warranty requirements and keep your expenses down.

At ACS, we have the expertise necessary to perform regular inspections of any commercial roofing in Stockton so that we can identify issues before they become significant. We’ll thoroughly inspect your roof, checking carefully for missing shingles, drainage issues, punctures or tears, pooling water and many other common problems that can potentially threaten your warranty.

One of the biggest parts of regular roof maintenance is identifying leaks and avoiding water damage.   ACS can treat all types of external surfaces and provide commercial waterproofing services that will stop leaks in their tracks. We’ll use a wide range of solutions like masonry wall sealers, joint caulking, anti-graffiti sealers and below-grade waterproofing to protect your roof. We can also check the rest of your building, including parking decks, balconies and walls, and apply our waterproof coatings and sealants to provide a strong, secure surface that can stand up to the elements. 

Call Us When You Need A Stockton Commercial Roofer

Allied Construction Services is the name you can trust in the Stockton area and we’re ready to provide the best quality solutions for all of your commercial roofing needs. Give us a call today and talk to one of our experts for an affordable estimate and a recommendation of the best quality materials. We offer everything from installation to coating to regular maintenance checks and guarantee a quick turnaround with minimal disruption to your business. At ACS, we provide quality and dependability for a relationship, and a roof, that is built to last.

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ACS Roofing Jobs in Stockton

drone shot of grey GE Silicone roof on stockton office building surrounded by trees, cars and parking lotsWe installed this 40,000 sq ft GE Silicone roof coating  for the Stockton Brookside office building.

drone shot of white Astec Acrylic coated roof on Stockton office building surrounded by trees and parked carsWe installed this 40,000 sq ft Astec acrylic roof coating over a built-up roof for an office in Stockton.

We completed this 158,000 sq ft
Alpha Guard BIO roof restoration for a large NorCal Distribution Warehouse by Tracy.