Commercial Property Maintenance: How Important Is It?

As a building owner in the local area, you should never downplay the strong impression customers or tenants may garner upon seeing your well-maintained commercial property. Insurance companies are also requiring building owners to make sure they hire professional commercial roofing maintenance company. Making sure the whole structure receives regular upkeep demonstrates how you truly […]

Carlisle TPO Roof Job Completion – BelAir – Sacramento

White roof on Belair Grocery Store with 16 skylights

We’ve just completed this Carlisle TPO commercial roofing job for Bel-Air in Sacramento. ACS is your one stop shop for all your commercial roofing needs. Need a bid fast? Give us a call at (925)724-2324 if you have any questions. Want to know more about TPO? Here’s Everything to Know about TPO »

TPO Roof – American Autobody – Fairfield

TPO is one of the more sustainable types of roof and is claimed to be 100% recyclable. This is a TPO job we recently complete in Fairfield’s American Auto Body on new construction.

Nine Things To Check When Hiring a Roofer

It can be nerve-wracking deciding on a roofing contractor. How do protect yourself, minimize your risk, and choose the best contractor for you? Most people ask a colleague for a referral. Even if they are a trusted source of information, here are nine things to consider when looking for a roofing company to fix your […]

How Fireproof is My Roof? The 4 Fire Ratings Explained

Bright orange flames and smoke as fire consumes a tile roof from underneath

California’s wildfire season is just around the corner, and many building owners are wondering if their commercial roof will protect their building from fire. There are four commercial roof fire ratings: Class A, B, C, and Unrated. Class A ratings are obtained when material survives a severe fire test. Class B ratings are awarded after […]

What is the Most Sustainable Type of Roof?

Grass covered domed rooftop with circular windows of California Academy of Sciences, with blue sky and clouds in background

by Donovan Rittenbach Jr. It’s Earth Day and we’re asking “What’s the most sustainable type of roof?” Roofing, like most industries, has become more sustainable, but it does have a long way to go. Here are the questions we will ask when considering the characteristics of a sustainable roof: 1) Does the existing roof have […]

Tiny VELCRO’s Big Grip Revolutionizes Roofing – Carlisle RapidLock

by Donovan Rittenbach Jr. The Strange Story of VELCRO® In 1941, a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral, takes his dog on a hunting trip. Little does he know it will change the course of human history and lead to the invention of one of the most important materials ever created. When he gets back […]

Don’t Replace Your Roof. Restore It.

Four Men doing roof restoration on cypress apartment complex in san jose

  This used to be an apartment building. Then COVID happened. Now it’s a home office building filled with Silicon Valley tech workers who can’t have their Zoom meetings disrupted. They pay a lot of money to live here and expect it to be quiet. So instead of making a lot of noise replacing the […]

National Roofing Week – Roofs Matter Most

Happy National Roofing Week with ACS Logo

It’s National Roofing Week, but let’s be honest. Roofs are boring. Most people only think about them when they leak. They take them for granted, but roofs are the most important part of a building. They keep the water out, and protect us from the sun. Walls are important, but without roofs you can’t have […]