We’re in the Top 5 Veteran-Owned Business in the Bay Area

We are very happy to see that Allied Construction Services has been included in the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s list of the largest veteran-owned business in the Bay Area. Jason Rittenbach, president, and CEO of Allied Construction Services served in the U.S. Marine Corps.  And for 15 years has committed to providing expert commercial roofing […]

Standing Seam Metal Roofing: Why Choose It for Your Business

Standing seam metal roofing has been steadily gaining in popularity for good reason. But while it’s gaining a lot of favor from homeowners, many don’t realize that it can be just as advantageous for commercial property owners and managers. Yes, flat roofs are great, but they’re not the only roofing option available for your business.

Understanding The Types of Building Maintenance

  Any commercial or multi-family properties are both assets and liabilities. They bring in money through rent, but their upkeep always entails some expenditure. As a property manager, you have to take maintenance seriously to keep all of your tenants happy to minimize your repair expenses and have a regular source of income.

Identifying Waterproofing Issues in Your Commercial Building

Water is arguably the most damaging intruder to any commercial property. Building components that lack resistance may age more quickly upon exposure to moisture. Although waterproofing is a common solution to prolong the service lives of older buildings, newer structures are not necessarily less prone to water damage. If your builder cut corners, many parts […]

Commercial Roofing Problems Often Felt in the Winter

To protect your commercial building from damage, you’ll need to ensure that the commercial roof is in top shape. Unfortunately, the winter season can be particularly hard on your roof and the weather that accompanies the season can make it harder to maintain. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be vigilant regarding the status […]

VIDEO: Installing GAF HydroStop® PremiumCoat®

  The GAF HydroStop® PremiumCoat® System is more than just a roof coating. It is recognized as a Class 1 Roof System that serves as both a standalone roof system and recover system over a variety of substrates. It has three components: the HydroStop PremiumCoat Foundation Coat, the HydroStop PremiumCoat Fabric and the HydroStop PremiumCoat […]

A Five-Point Flat Roof Inspection Routine

  You need to work smart when it comes to inspecting a commercial flat roof. Instead of doing comprehensive preliminary inspections, inspect the most vulnerable parts of your roof one by one. Allied Construction Services, a top commercial roofing contractor in the state, recommends you inspect these parts in the following order.

Questions to Ask About Your Roof Inspection

  Regular inspections are essential in maintaining the efficiency of your commercial roof. It’s also important to hire an experienced contractor to look at your roofing and waterproofing system. Learn more about your roof by asking your contractor these questions during an inspection. Which roofing parts are you focusing on? Get details about the most […]

Requirements To be a Licensed Roofer in CA

  There are various regulations to follow related to roofing construction services. California roofing laws include the licensure of the roofing company, shingle materials to be used to the slope of the roof and even the installation of energy efficiency roofs.

What Makes a Maintainable Commercial Roof?

  Roofs that are properly maintained last longer and offer buildings more protection against harsh elements and weather extremes. Routine maintenance can also help detect minor roof issues that can lead to major damage when neglected.