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Did you know the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) recommends two annual roof inspections a year?

You take your car in for regular maintenance, and you fix any problem around your home. So why not take the same great care of your roof to keep small problems from becoming big problems?

For a limited-time only, we’re offering a commercial roof assessment free-of-charge.

You’ll receive an extensive report that details your roof’s life expectancy, and gives recommendations about both critical and not so critical issues. If any work needs to be done, we’ll provide an estimated cost to resolve each one.

The best part?

There’s absolutely no obligation or strings attached!

The Top 6 Most Common Problems Found During Roof Assessments

  • 1. Drainage Problems

    We often find a lot of dirt and debris on roofs, especially on commercial properties that are surrounded by many tall trees. Trees leave behind leaves or needles that can clog drains or gutters. If you fail to regularly remove them, they can clog your drains and rusts out your gutters, which can lead to ponding and even structural damage.

  • 2. Open Penetrations

    Flanges, vents, and drains are tied into your roof membrane using petroleum-based products. Eventually, the sun and heat can dry out their oils, making them brittle and prone to cracking. Combined with the natural shifting of a roof, this often leads to serious problems.

  • 3. Damaged Membrane

    Heavy rains and wind, foot traffic, construction, or mechanical installation can lead to extensive damage to your roof. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find nails in the plywood deck that have worked their way up through the cap sheet. If you lack a roof coating, the membrane eventually becomes dry and brittle, which can lead to splitting.

  • 4. Rusting HVAC Equipment

    Water routinely ponds on ducting and rusts it out, which allows water to get into the ducts and infiltrate your building.

  • 5. Water Ponding

    If a roof isn’t properly sloped, or drains get clogged from debris, pools of sitting water can form. Consider that one gallon of water weighs eight pounds, which adds up quickly. If the water doesn’t drain, it can cause the roof to sag, which leads to more sagging. It can “boost” the water into places it normally wouldn’t reach.

  • 6. Roof Age

    The good news is commercial roofs usually last between 10 and 20 years. The bad news is your roof may look normal with no visible holes in the membrane, but it still leaks. On closer inspection, there can be tiny pores throughout the membrane that aren’t visible to the naked eye. While regular maintenance can greatly extend your roof’s life, eventually every roof needs to be replaced. One option is getting an elastomeric or silicone roof coating, which can extend your roof’s life for significant less than a new roof.

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For All Your Commercial Roofing Needs

From year-round maintenance to installations, renovations, repairs and more, Allied is your most trusted resource for all your commercial roofing needs. Whether you’ve sprung a leak, neglected your roof for years, concerned about the age of your roof or other issues, we’ll solve even the most challenging roof problems. With a combined 73 years of expert roofing experience, we’ll find the best roofing solutions for your unique needs and budget.

Roof Maintenance

  • Keep your roof well-maintained and meet your warranty requirements.
  • You’ll prevent structural damage, costly leaks and interior damage to your property, and extend the life of your roof.


  • Keeping water out of your building is crucial to preventing costly damage.
  • We prevent water from leaking through parking structures, concrete decks, exterior walls, windows, expansion joints, roofs, balconies, decks and basement walls.
  • We offer a variety of the most effective sealants, and our experts will explain which will work best for your needs.

Acrylic and Silicone Roof Coating

  • Environmentally friendly cool roof coatings extend your roof’s life, and are a good alternative to roof replacement.
  • We’ll install the most durable roof coatings for lasting results.

Single Ply Roofing Systems

  • Single-ply roofs are highly durable, and last for decades. Our preferred materials are TPO and PVC roofs.
  • We only use the best manufacturers such as Firestone, Carlisle, FiberTite and Tremco.

Experience the Allied Difference

At Allied Construction Services, our 2nd generation, family-owned business takes enormous pride in providing the most reputable, affordable, and sustainable roofing solutions.

Since 2002, we’ve serviced commercial building owners and property managers throughout Northern California, including San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, and Stockton.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

We believe that our superior roofing services are important, but customer service and building relationships is the key to our success. We’ve earned our stellar reputation by nurturing our customer relationships with hard work, honesty and integrity.

We look forward to working with you and
welcoming you to the Allied family!

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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say….

We both were very impressed with the project.  It had to be a very tough project because of the layout of the roofs, the fact people are living there and the project oversight with Irvine, ABB, etc.

Your foreman, Aurelio Garcia did a stand up job and should be commended.  Dan and I had to laugh as he brought his red pen and couldn’t find anything to mark up.

– Tom Absher
Building Envelope Technology Associates

“We cannot thank you enough for stepping in, on Tony’s recommendation and handling our newly coated roofing project in Menlo Park so smoothly and masterfully…We look forward to [indecipherable] and referring you without further reservation.”

– Arnell Enterprises, Inc. 

“Lol. I know that you’ll see it through. That’s why I have no trouble recommending you guys. Everyone is great when things go smoothly. The true test of character/quality is how someone responds to challenges.

– Tom Hastings
Business Owner

Sample Projects

Sutter Hospital

TPO Roof Replacement

Cogir Senior Living
 Rohnert Park

Roof Maintenance

Kohl’s Retail
Santa Rosa

Roof Restoration

The Cypress Apartments
San Jose

Acrylic Roof Coating


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