PVC Roofs are the Cadillac of Commercial Flat Roofs Systems

PVC roofs are the most mature of the synthetic roofing systems available for your commercial flat roof.

…You can’t go wrong with a PVC roof!

The Top 5 Things to Know When Considering PVC are: 

  • Exceptional durability  
  • Chemical resistant and fire retardant
  • Moderately more expensive compared than TPO 
  • Quick, safe odorless installation
  • May last indefinitely when combined with roof coatings

PVC Single ply roof on EDD in Sacramento.
We installed this 55,000 sq ft PVC roof for the Employment Development Department (EDD). View more projects »

Why Would Customers Choose PVC?

  • Durability – A UV-resistant PVC roof will last 20-30 years. This material is tough and resistant to tearing, natural elements, and punctures. It can also hold 300lbs per square inch. When combined with roof restoration, PVC roofs can last an entire lifetime.
  • Known Quantity – PVC has been on the market for 50 years. That’s nearly twice as long as TPO, the current industry darling. Although TPO holds up in laboratory testing, its real-world performance is uncertain. PVC’s performance isn’t.
  • Heat Welded – This creates a monolithic membrane, that’s as good as being one continuous sheet, when installed by a qualified team.
  • Low Odors – Low VOC mean business won’t be disrupted from bad smells.
  • Chemical Resistant – PVC is resistant to harsh chemicals and animal grease. It is a great option for restaurants, roofs close to airports, and those in areas with high contamination levels.
  • Disaster Resistant – PVC withstands high winds and strong storms, up to Category 3 hurricane levels.
  • Mold Resistant – The most important mold it resists is mildew, a black mold that can health issues in addition to smelling bad.
  • Energy Efficient and Recyclable: These “cool roofs” earn LEED points from the Green Building Council. In addition to having highly reflective surfaces to slash energy costs, their material is 100% recyclable.
  • Fire Retardant: PVC is fire retardant, meaning that it doesn’t support combustion, burns slowly, and is difficult to ignite. It will also self extinguish if the fire source is removed.

Why Would Customers Not Choose PVC?

  • The budget-conscious property owner will prefer the less expensive TPO. However, if they can afford the investment, PVC is known to provide superior long-term performance.
  • PVC is not suitable for application over an existing roof. The previous roof will need to be fully removed.
  • In the event of a fire, PVC may release toxic chemicals that can cause health issues.


PVC is a known quantity that’s been tested extensively in the real world. It is chemically resistant, and fire retardant, unlike TPO. A PVC roof can confidently be passed down to future generations, making it an excellent investment.

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