PVC roofs are the most mature of the synthetic roofing systems available for your commercial property.

…You can’t go wrong with a PVC roof!

PVC Roofs are what you buy if you want a roof that is guaranteed to last. Here’s why. They

  • Have been around nearly twice as long as TPO roofs (built to last)
  • Are a premier roofing option: significantly more expensive than TPO roofing options
  • Are known for high performance, durability, and longevity
  • Have a quick, safe installation

Looking for a new roof for your business? Commercial PVC roofs may be your best option. Safe to install with no noxious odors make this roofing solution optimal for commercial buildings all over the country!

Additionally, with the application of a roof restoration, PVC roofs will last indefinitely. Some even come with a lifetime warranty!

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PVC Roof Benefits

Why should you choose a commercial PVC roof for your business? We can think of a few reasons:

Durability: A UV-resistant PVC roof will last 20-30 years. This material is tough and resistant to tearing, natural elements, and punctures. It can also hold 300lbs per square inch.

Head Welded: The seams won’t leak if the roof is installed properly by our expert team.

Chemical Resistant: PVC is resistant to harsh chemicals and animal grease. It is a great option for restaurants, roofs close to airports, and those in areas with high contamination levels.

Disaster Resistant: PVC withstands high winds and strong storms, up to Category 3 hurricane levels.

Energy Efficient and Recyclable: These “cool roofs” earn LEED points from the Green Building Council. In addition to having highly reflective surfaces to slash energy costs, their material is 100% recyclable.

Fire Retardant: PVC is fire retardant, meaning that it doesn’t support combustion, burns slowly, and is difficult to ignite. They can even extinguish the fire if the source is removed.

PVC Roof – Concerns

  • Switching to a PVC roof is a bit more expensive than a TPO roof partly because the previous roof needs to be fully removed for a solid application.
  • In the event of a fire, PVC can release toxic chemicals that can cause health issues.

We always encourage our customers to weigh their needs and consider their full range of commercial roofing options. No roof is perfect for every situation, but we can help you find the one that best meets your specific needs and budget.

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PVC Single ply roof on EDD in Sacramento.
We installed this 55,000 sq ft PVC roof for the Employment Development Department (EDD). View more projects »

Meets California energy efficiency standards.