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Four Subtle Signs Your Commercial Building Has a Leak

When the first rains hit, smart building managers, check their properties for signs of leaks. They know that finding problems early can limit structural damage and minimize repair costs.

But there’s more to finding a leak than looking for a puddle of water.

  • Stained Ceiling Tiles – Most people don’t notice leaks until they see water on the floor, so remember to look up. If you see water spots on your ceiling tiles, chances are good your roof has been leaking for some time. With a little bit of luck, you won’t have dry rot or structural problems.
  • Mold and Odors – If you smell the musty odor of mildew, especially in a basement, water has probably found a way in through cracks in the concrete. It’s uncommon to find black mold, but if you do it’s a substantial health hazard. Call a waterproofing professional immediately and make sure they can do abatement.
  • Flow Marks on Walls – If you see what appears to be a dried-up stream on your concrete walls, you might need waterproofing. Water has an uncanny ability to find its way through the maze of tiny cracks that occur in concrete.
  • A Glistening Sheen on Ceiling Beams – Most of the time, customers find puddles on the floor. Here’s where things get tricky. If you have a large warehouse space, it’s easy to miss a leak that’s above rows or stacks of products, especially since it’s usually poorly lit. Walk your facility using a flashlight to check up into the darkness, and keep an eye out for the distinct sheen of water.


Hopefully, we’ve shared some not so obvious things to keep an eye out for. We hope this helps you protect your building during the coming rainy season.

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by Donovan Rittenbach Jr.


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