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Handwritten Thank You Notes Make Our Day

We love handwritten letters. They’re the best. Emailed thank yous are nice, but they’re easy to write and don’t require an investment of time.

When somebody gives you a handwritten note, it shows you how grateful the customer truly was. They were so happy with your work that they spent their personal time formulating their thoughts, and writing them down (probably rewriting them too). Then they took that note around the office and had it hand-signed.

Here’s a handwritten thank you note we recently received from a customer that really made our day:

Dear Bill,

We cannot thank you enough for stepping in, on Tony’s recommendation and handling our newly coated roofing project in Menlo Park so smoothly and masterfully.

Th you were able to squeeze us into your schedule and will to come in from East Bay Livermore was a blessing for us! We did not need to [indecipherable] solely to our local “regulars” in some of whom we were beginning to dissipate our trust and alliance.

I told Mousa you are the kind of professionals that could teach a course at the Annual Industry Conference (these days virtually) on how a roofing contract should be properly and professionally handled.

We look forward to [indecipherable] and referring you without further reservation.

P.S. Please share this acknowledgment with your whole team.

Cordially (Arnell Enterprises, Inc.)

Wow! That’s special.

About the Author

Donovan Rittenbach Jr. is the digital marketing manager at ACS. He is a photographer, web developer and copywriter.

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