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Identifying Waterproofing Issues in Your Commercial Building

Water is arguably the most damaging intruder to any commercial property. Building components that lack resistance may age more quickly upon exposure to moisture. Although waterproofing is a common solution to prolong the service lives of older buildings, newer structures are not necessarily less prone to water damage. If your builder cut corners, many parts of your property would be subject to premature deterioration.

To detect signs of waterproofing issues accurately, Allied Construction Services, one of the leading local commercial general contractors, talks about the first places to look.

Rooftop Areas

It should go without saying that your roof is the most vulnerable to water intrusion. It may have been waterproofed upon installation, but its constant exposure to the elements could accelerate the aging process of its components.

Any reliable providers of roof system services will advise you to inspect your rooftop from time to time, especially after a storm. Look for ponding water, compromised flashing, and any flaws of roofing membranes to head off major leaks and severe causes of indoor mold growth.

Painted Surfaces

Paint shields the substrate from water. This protective solution is not immune to the effects of moisture, though. Peeling indicates that you need new coats of paint. Blistering or bubbling means there is moisture within the substance want to get out. Once blisters pop, the holes they create will leave the material underneath prone to water damage.


Any experienced providers of industrial construction services will attest that window seals usually live more shortly than the glass units. In other words, you likely need to re-seal all the fenestration products in your building many times before you replace them. Experiencing drafts is a red flag for cracked window seals.

Let Allied Construction Services inspect your building and reinforce its overall resistance to water. Complete our contact form or call (925) 724-2324 to request for service in San Jose, CA.

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