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Nine Things To Check When Hiring a Roofer

It can be nerve-wracking deciding on a roofing contractor.

How do protect yourself, minimize your risk, and choose the best contractor for you?

Most people ask a colleague for a referral. Even if they are a trusted source of information, here are nine things to consider when looking for a roofing company to fix your roof or waterproof your building:

  1.  Customer Reviews – The social proof provided by reviews is questionable for a number of reasons including “sample size” and “cherrypicking”. Additionally, commercial contractors don’t focus their energy on Angie’s List, Facebook, or Yelp as those generate residential leads. Look for commercial pros on Google My Business or Home Advisor, especially a review is detailed or thoughtful.
  2. Linked In – It is THE place where professionals connect. Look for more sophisticated roofers there, or ask a colleague on LinkedIn for a referral.
  3.  Website – It’s a business’s virtual storefront and an important signal of a vendor’s professionalism. Look for high-quality information that is easy to understand.
  4.  Experience – If a company has been in business more than 15 years, it’s a safe bet they know what they’re doing.
  5.  Free Consultation and Estimates – A free maintenance consultation is a low-risk way to find out more about the quality of the people you are dealing with. The vendor should be willing to spend time explaining your options and their advantages or disadvantages.
  6.  Warranties – Material warranties don’t matter. Material isn’t going to be what fails, most likely. If you are going to have trouble, it’ll be with the workmanship. Ask if they offer a workmanship warranty.
  7.  Reasonable Prices and Quality Roofing Materials – We all know we get what we pay for. Paying a little more for skilled craftsmanship and high-quality material is generally wise.
  8.  Safety Record – Roofing is the most dangerous construction job. Make sure your vendor takes safety seriously.
  9.   Insurance – This seems obvious, but it’s best to make sure, just in case.


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Donovan Rittenbach Jr. is the digital marketing manager at ACS. He is a photographer, web developer and copywriter.

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