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Questions to Ask About Your Roof Inspection


Regular inspections are essential in maintaining the efficiency of your commercial roof. It’s also important to hire an experienced contractor to look at your roofing and waterproofing system.

Learn more about your roof by asking your contractor these questions during an inspection.

Which roofing parts are you focusing on?

Get details about the most vulnerable parts of your roof. This way, you’ll understand the weaknesses of your roof and confirm that your contractor is familiar with the kinds of roof you have.

What commercial roof materials do you have experience with?

Hire a contractor who has experience with your roof material. At Allied Construction Services, we specialize in Title 24 Cool Roof System, single-ply roofing membrane, standing seam metal roofing and other materials depending on your existing roof and building style. You can count on our experts for reliable roof and building maintenance services.

What is your procedure for emergency service calls?

Weather extremes can cause damage to your roof, compromising your business. Ask for a detailed explanation about how they handle emergencies.

How will you document the process and service history?

Commercial roofing contractors usually provide CAD drawings, aerial shots, or schematics containing the roof’s information. They help assess the overall condition of the roof and for future roofing projects.

Will you provide photos of the problem areas?

Ask your contractor for before and after photos of your roof if a job was done. The inspector should give photos of proof of damage and repairs.

How will you determine roof moisture?

The latest technique used for finding moisture in roofs is infrared scans. They find signs of moisture that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Choose Allied Construction Services for comprehensive commercial roof maintenance plans. Our team will make sure your roof is in good condition to save you from constant repairs and costly utility bills. We offer waterproofing and general construction services. Call us at (925) 297-5788 or complete our online form to learn more about our services. We work with clients in Oakland, CA.

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