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Roofing Under California’s Sun: Heat’s Impact on Your Roof

Roofing Under California’s Sun: Heat’s Impact on Your Roof

When it comes to the California sun, it’s no secret that sometimes it can be a scorcher, especially on summer days. And roofs of businesses and homes alike take the toll. That’s why having a California commercial roofing company you can count on like Allied Construction Services for maintenance and repairs is key.

Here we’ve collected some of the ways heat can impact your roof and why commercial roof maintenance is an essential solution!

How the Sun & Heat Affects Your Commercial Roof


The summer heat can affect your roof in a number of ways including:

Moisture & Mildew Buildup


If you live in a rainier locale or one that experiences occasional thunderstorms during summer, then moisture and mildew can grow on your roof much more easily. The warmer temperatures make it easier for mold and other things to grow on your roof. Unfortunately, the sunlight can then leave unsightly stains as such things dry, so keeping it well-maintained and clean is essential.

Heat Absorption


Many roofs are designed to reflect the sun’s rays in an effort to be more energy-efficient and make it easier to cool your commercial facility. However, this isn’t always the case, especially if you’re experiencing extremely high temperatures. Some commercial roofs can absorb heat, which then penetrates its underlying structure and makes it more difficult to cool your property.

Contraction & Expansion


Just like in colder weather, your commercial roof will also expand and contract in hotter weather. Roofing membranes can expand during the heat of the day, then contract when it cools at night, causing cracks and other issues in your roofing over time.

UV Damage


One of the biggest issues commercial roofs have to deal with is the effects of UV rays from the sun during summertime. Although present year-round, the summer heat and sunshine can certainly do a number on some roofing membranes and other components. UV rays can damage the protective layers of your commercial roofing and make it more prone to storm damage, mold/mildew growth, and more.

A Few Roof Maintenance Tips

There are some easy things you can do, in addition to investing in annual roofing maintenance, to safeguard your roof against the summer heat including:

  • Adding Extra Roof Coatings: One good way to ensure your roof remains protected year-round is by adding some extra coatings to your commercial roof. Many coatings are designed to provide added protection, as well as improve energy efficiency.

  • Improving Ventilation: To avoid spurring on mold and mildew growth, you can make certain your roof is properly ventilated by adding extra components to improve airflow and cooling.

  • Installing Reflective Coatings: If you’re struggling to keep your commercial building cool, adding some reflective coatings to your roof is key. You can reduce energy costs and increase the comfort of both staff and customers.

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