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Seismic Retrofitting: What Is It and Do You Need It?

Earthquakes are unavoidable natural disasters. Whenever a particularly strong earthquake occurs, you can be certain that there will be ruined buildings. With that in mind, this makes seismic retrofitting an important process for most buildings. Commercial general contractors will tell you that seismic retrofitting is a process where buildings will be made earthquake-proof. That way, it won’t collapse once a particularly strong earthquake hits the area. Many building owners are seeking to make their properties more resilient against earthquakes.

In this post, Allied Construction Services discusses how you’ll know if your property needs seismic retrofitting.

The Building Has Years Behind It

One way you’ll know if your property is in dire need of seismic retrofitting is its age. Most buildings built before the 1980s will likely need to be retrofitted in order to reduce earthquake risk. Even buildings built in the 1980s isn’t immune to this as the retrofitting that was used is likely in dire need of improvements. To retrofit your building for earthquake preparations, look no further than the pros in industrial construction services, Allied Construction Services.

Foundation Displacement

As the years go by, it’s possible for your building’s foundations to be displaced. This can be due to the ground shifting or simply because the building has seen some years. If your building’s foundations are displaced, that means a strong earthquake can easily cause the structure to collapse. With that in mind, be sure to have a trained and experienced professional inspect your building so they can determine if your foundations are displaced and will need seismic retrofitting.

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