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Understanding The Types of Building Maintenance


Any commercial or multi-family properties are both assets and liabilities. They bring in money through rent, but their upkeep always entails some expenditure. As a property manager, you have to take maintenance seriously to keep all of your tenants happy to minimize your repair expenses and have a regular source of income.

Here, Allied Construction Services sheds light on the different property maintenance philosophies and shares effective ways to handle requests for building maintenance services satisfactorily.

What Are the Different Types of Maintenance?

  • Routine (or Preventive) Maintenance – This type of maintenance is done regularly whether or not you have found some problems. The beauty of it is that it allows you to identify and fix minor issues before they become true causes for concern.
  • Cosmetic Maintenance – This entails sprucing up a unit for a tenant.
  • Deferred Maintenance – If you have the time and funds to give your commercial property a complete checkup, deferring some chores is an option. Putting some tasks on the backburner is a risk, though, for neglecting areas as a waterproofing system could lead to costly headaches.
  • Corrective Maintenance – This one refers to necessary repairs done as reactive measures to building problems. Such services can be costly and disruptive because they usually unplanned and have to be carried out immediately.

How to Handle Maintenance Requests?

Requesting for maintenance service is inconvenient to any tenant. They expect everything in the property to work perfectly all the time, after all. When you receive such a request, being efficient and accommodating is the least you could do.

Any experienced providers of general construction services will advise you to have a property maintenance manager who can concentrate on repair requests and handle emergencies more effectively. This employee should get in touch with the right professionals that can competently address the problem and report the progress of the maintenance to the affected tenant.

To maintain your property without breaking the bank, turn to Allied Construction Services. Call us at 925) 724-2324 or fill out our contact form to discuss your building maintenance needs in Oakland, CA.

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