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Waterproofing 101: Challenges and Solutions

Waterproofing is by far one of the most effective ways to maintain a structurally sound building. Preventing and managing water infiltration is an investment for most owners. Hence, hiring contractors that offer general construction services and have expertise in waterproofing is the first step to a lasting structure.

Waterproofing 101: Challenges and Solutions

During an on-going waterproofing service, various problems may occur causing it to fail. Here are some of the possible challenges you might face and the solutions you can do.

Failure to Select Appropriate Technology

Sure there is a great deal of waterproofing products out in the market. However, every product is made to match a certain structure and not all contractors are as knowledgeable as Allied Construction and Services.

The following products are most useful when equipped appropriately.

  • Urethane Deck Sealants – They work best when applied on a walking and driving surface over spaces that need to stay dry. It is applied directly to the substrate and acts as a barrier against water.

  • Cementitious Deck Coating – This is the recommended waterproofing system for roof decks since it has a seamless cement finished look.

  • Below-Grade Solutions – They are most effective when used in ground parking structures, elevator pits and basements. Directly injected into the location, this chemical gout seals every passage where water can go through.

  • Elastomeric Sealants – They are your solution to wall waterproofing. Walls can experience leakage too and knowing what to use is vital in such situations.

Lack of Expertise

Unfortunately, building owners might hire incompetent contractors that do not know the limitations of waterproofing products. Without expertise, they may not be aware of the field conditions of structures they are working on. Moreover, not using the right quantity of chemicals may cancel out the effectiveness of such material.

For this reason, it is still safer to hire contractors that can deliver cutting-edge building maintenance services.

Faulty Application

When facing structures with sophisticated design, proper application of products can be a serious challenge. It is crucial that your go-to contractors first evaluate the place to make a fitting recommendation and plan. Knowing how to use and when to use products can save you from waterproofing mess.

When you turn to Allied Construction Services, you can be assured that you are getting the most professional and experienced workers in the industry. With our top of the line waterproofing products, rest assured that you will never face water infiltration again. Call us at (925) 297-5788 for more details about our products and services. We serve Oakland, CA, and the nearby areas.


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