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Commercial Roof Project Videos and Photos

100,000+ sq ft Carlisle TPO and composition shingle roof, Republic Flooring, Antioch

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  • 120,000+ sq ft – Phase 2 of multi-year roof restoration project – Safeway Tremco AlphaGuard Bio Roof in Tracy.
  • Carlisle Rapidlock TPO for Sutter Health Community Hospital, Novato.
  • GACO Firestone roof restoration for Sutter Health, San Francisco.
  • Tile roof replacement for Brookdale Senior Living, Folsom.
  • National Coatings, Acrylic Roof Restoration, Cypress Apartment Complex, San Jose

C&H Sugar Factory Sign and Brick Building with Two Silos

C&H Sugar had a sticky problem nobody wanted to fix. View video »

The City of Walnut Creek‘s saved big with a silicone roof restoration. View video »

Walnut Creek City Hall Roof with solar panels

We solve all roof problems including aging skylights like those on City Hall Walnut Creek. View video  »

15,000 sq ft GACO Firestone BleedTrap primer/sealer and silicon coating Sutter Health CPMC Lab, Van Ness Campus, San Francisco. 

25,000 sq ft roof replacement with Carlisle RapidLock TPO at Sutter Health’s Novato Community Hospital in Novato.

drone shot of roofing crew installing white TPO covered roofs dotted with air vents on two light industrial buildings surround by streets and parking lots

This 75,000 sq ft TPO single ply roofing system was installed for Peterson Tractor industrial building in San Leandro.

Extensive balcony waterproofing for large apartment complex at One Pearl Place in San Jose, California.

This was a silicone roof coating we did on the Lesher Center of the Arts in Walnut Creek, California.

We completed this 158,000 sq ft
Alpha Guard BIO roof restoration for a large NorCal Distribution Warehouse by Tracy.

drone shot of B shaped Firestone TPO roof on Novato skilled nursing facility surrounded by cars in parking lot and brown grassWe installed this 66,000 sq ft
Firestone TPO roof on a skilled nursing facility in Novato.

roof covered in pipes and air conditioning. white Acrylic coating barely visible through pipes and walkway Dupont industrial roof trees and blue sky in backgroundWe installed this 66,000 sq ft acrylic roof coating over a built up roof on a Dupont industrial building in Hayward, California.

drone shot of long white GE Silicone covered roof of commercial office building in Richmond Marina surrounded by parking lots streets and some buildingsWe coated this 66,000 sq ft roof with GE Silicone roof coating on an office building in Richmond Marina, in Richmond, California.

drone shot of roof construction in progress three large air conditioning units composition shingles on left and TPO roof with three open courts on Yuba City assisted living roofThis 50,000 sq ft roof was a combination of composition shingle & TPO single-ply roof for an assisted living facility in Yuba City, California.

three men wearing protective gear one man rolls out roofing membrane on white acrylic roof on Ross department storeThis 40,000 sq ft job was had a fully reinforced acrylic roof coating over an existing TPO single-ply roof for Ross’s retail store in Pleasant Hill, California.

drone shot of composition shingle and TPO roof being installed on Roseville assisted living building surrounded by parking lot on left and bottom side office buildings and trees in upper right This 35,000 sq ft hybrid of composition shingle and a TPO single ply roof was for an assisted living building in Roseville, California.

drone shot of large white TPO roof on assisted living building surrounded by cars on streetsWe re-roofed 66,000 sq ft with a TPO single-ply roof for an assisted living building in Redding, California.

drone shot of two bright white silicone roofs on sacramento apartment building with air conditioning units surrounded by trees and homes on rightThis was a 10,000 sq ft silicone roof coating system we did on a Sacramento apartment building.


30,000 sq ft Astec acrylic roof coatings for Arnell Enterprises in Menlo Park.

Red TPO roof for Las Positas Vineyards, Livermore California.

two men waterproofing patio in front of large apartment

Patio waterproofing for Top of the Mounds condominiums in San Mateo.

drone shot of solar paneled roof covered and white Astec Acrylic Coating on Kohl's in Santa Rosa surrounded by grey parking lot and green treesThis 55,000 sq ft Astec acrylic coating job was over an existing TPO single ply roof for Kohl’s retail store in Santa Rosa, California.

white air conditioning ducts on white roof in El Cerrito plaza large tree covered hill cloudy blue skyACS did this 34,000 sq ft silicone roof coating for the El Cerrito Plaza retail center in El Cerrito, California.

drone shot of white GE Silicon coating roof on large apartment building surrounded by trees, streets and buildings hills in background with blue sky trees in foregroundWe did this 50,000 sq ft application of GE Silicone over polyeurethane foam for a Sack Properties apartment building in Redwood City, California.

drone shot of white Astec Acrylic roof coating on large roof covered with solar panels parking lot on right and left side of buildingThis 65,000 sq ft acrylic roof coating was over an existing TPO single ply roof for Kohl’s retail store in Petaluma, California.

drone shot of PVC roof on the Employment Development Department surrounded by trees and parking lotACS installed this 55,000 sq ft PVC single ply roof for the California state government’s EDD building in Sacramento, California.

drone shot of TPO single ply roof on new commercial building in Pleasanton surrounded by fresh dirt and construction vehiclesACS did this 12,000 sq ft TPO single ply roof for 445 Boulder Ct in Pleasanton, California for a new construction.

drone shot of grey GE Silicone roof on stockton office building surrounded by trees, cars and parking lotsWe installed this 40,000 sq ft GE Silicone roof coating  for the Stockton Brookside office building.

drone shot of TPO and tile roof air conditioning units umbrella covered eating area and parking lot on rightWe installed this 5,000 sq ft TPO single-ply roof for Togo’s retail store in Danville, California.

This was one of the smallest roofs we’ve done. It was a roof coating for the City of Fairfield.

drone shot of white Astec Acrylic coated roof on Stockton office building surrounded by trees and parked carsWe installed this 40,000 sq ft Astec acrylic roof coating over a built-up roof for an office in Stockton.

drone shot of silicone roof with air conditioning units on Berkeley school surrounded by other roofs

This 12,000 sq ft silicone roof coating was done for the Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley school in Berkeley, California.

60,000 sq ft Tremco coating for Mill Valley High School in Mill Valley.

72,000 sq ft National Coatings acrylic roof coating for The Cypress apartment complex  in San Jose.

drone shot of white Astec Acrylic Roof Coating on two industrial buildings surrounded by trees green grass in foreground salt water flats of San Francisco bay in background with cloudy blue sky

This 140,000 sq ft Astec acrylic roof coating job was on two light industrial buildings in Hayward.

drone shot of cluster of green shirted men on white TPO roof of Fusion Elite with four air conditioning units trees on two sidesWe did this 8,000 sq ft TPO roof for Fusion Elite’s retail store in Oakland.

drone shot of PVC roof on two warehouses at Grand Coulee Dam construction equipment rolling hills in background with cloudy skyWe installed 72,000 sq ft of PVC single ply roof on two warehouses at the Grand Coulee Dam for this government project.

drone shot of white TPO roof with eight air conditioning units on jewelry retail store large tree to right cars and parking lot lower leftWe installed 7,000 sq ft of TPO single ply roof for Jewelry Smith’s retail center in San Ramon, California.

red rusty building in background three green shirted men load wheelbarrow with tear off standing on exposed dilapidated roof bottom right on Mare Island wheelbarrow safety pylonsACS did this 7,000 sq ft demolition and TPO roof replacement on Mare Island, outside San Francisco.

drone shot of white GE silicone roof over TPO on Shamrock's commercial roof surrounded by parking lot cars and buildings empty parking lot small red building in lower half of photoACS installed this 12,000 sq ft GE Silicone roof coating over TPO for the Shamrock commercial building in San Francisco.

drone shot of of white acrylic coating on metal roof of industrial warehouse in Port of Oakland line of cars on right side boats in water at top of photoWe completed this 12,000 sq ft acrylic roof coating over a metal roof in an industrial warehouse at the Port of Oakland.

drone shot of silicone roof coating covered roof on Trey Jay's building skylights and air vents trees in back vehicles in lower rightWe installed this 23,000 sq ft silicone roof coating for Trey Jays in Pleasanton, California.

drone shot of sheet metal roof on comcast building with white coated metal roof on right parking lot with car lower leftWe installed a 12,000 sq ft sheet metal roof for this Comcast building in San Francisco.

drone shot of two composition shingled roofs in middle of three white roofs on Subway Sandwiches building in Martinez cars and parking lot in front and backWe did 12,000 sq ft of composition shingles for the Subway retail shop in Martinez, California.

half red half black brick wall with water seepage five men mixing waterproofing compound in basement surrounded by lights and construction equipmentWe did negative side waterproof-ing using Urethane grout injection through a basement wall an Oakland, California apartment.

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